LVRP offers many incentives to those who choose to donate. Donations help cover our hosting and development costs.

Donation ranks do not renew automatically, if you have opted for email communication, you will be sent an email reminder 3 days before it expires. We also offer several other permanent benefits that can be purchased with one-time donations.

Don't forget to post on the forums after donating so an admin can give you your rewards in-game!

GOLD+ Special Offer - $35.00

Buy 3 months of GOLD Tier benefits for the price of 2!


$7.00 /1 month
  • Access to VIP lounge and vehicles
  • +10% paycheck bonus & 2 VIP tokens
  • -10% off dealership prices
  • +1 extra vehicle slot
  • No playing hour restrictions
  • Enter VIP raffles and events
  • Custom phone numbers
  • Custom license plates
  • Custom radio streams
  • Reserved slot on server


$14.00 /1 month
  • All benefits from Bronze
  • +20% paycheck bonus & 3 VIP tokens
  • -10% off house prices
  • +1 extra vehicle slot
  • +1 extra job slot
  • +1 extra entry in VIP raffles
  • x2 pickup amount for material runs
  • Access to Helicopters
  • Move house in Real Estate Agency


$17.50 /1 month
  • All benefits from Silver
  • +30% paycheck bonus & 4 VIP tokens
  • -20% off house prices
  • +1 extra vehicle slot
  • +1 extra house slot
  • +1 extra entry in VIP raffles
  • Purchase skill points with tokens

Extra Vehicle Slot - $5.00

Purchase an additional vehicle slot for one of your characters! (Maximum 5 vehicle slots per character)

Extra House Slot - $7.50

Purchase an additional house slot for one of your characters! (Maximum 2 house slots per character)

Extra Business Slot - $15.00

Purchase an additional business slot for one of your characters! (Maximum 2 business slots per character)

Extra Character Slot - $10.00

Purchase an additional character slot for your master account! (Maximum 3 character slots per account)

All donations made to Las Venturas Roleplay are non-refundable.

In the event of a PayPal claim or dispute, the offending user's account may be disabled or deleted depending on the circumstances. We are not interested in dealing with fraudulent individuals who engage in falsified disputes.

Players who have purchased donation rewards are not immune to receiving punishments in-game or on the forums.

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